Open Source Geospatial

Open Source Geospatial

Open from top to bottom

GeoNode is built upon a platform of proven open source components including Django, GeoServer, pycsw, OpenLayers and GeoExt. GeoNode implements many Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), KML, and Catalogue Service for Web (CSW). GeoNode development also contributes to the underlying open source projects and software libraries.

Features include:

  • PostGIS Spatial Databases
  • GeoServer OGC Services
  • pycsw CSW Metadata Catalogue
  • Geospatial Python libraries
  • OpenLayers and GeoExt Web Mapping Libraries
Learn about GeoNode's open source geospatial foundation


Built for the web

    GeoNode leverages the Django web framework, offering a friendly and extensible environment for web developers accustomed to using any modern MVC web framework. In contrast with many geospatial tools which force web developers to adapt to a GIS context, GeoNode and Django offer a framework on which developers can build geospatial web applications in a familiar environment.

    Django has a large user base and ecosystem of apps, making it easy to develop websites focused on users and collaboration.

    Features Include:

    • Modern web framework
    • Pluggable GeoNode Django apps
    • Deployable template projects
    • Integrated admin interface
    • Large ecosystem of pluggable apps
    • Spatial GeoDjango object-relational mapping available
    Learn about GeoNode's pluggable Django apps and deployable projects
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React and Bootstrap

Modern and flexible front-end

GeoNode's front-end is based on the popular and flexible React and Bootstrap frameworks.React is used along with Redux and Rxjs to drive the user interface, and Bootstrap CSS is used to style the pages. Both of these frameworks make it easy to theme and customize your own GeoNode implementation if desired.

Features include:

  • Bootstrap CSS framework
  • React, Redux, Rxjs
  • Django templating system
  • Customizable themes using LESS and Bootswatch
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Integrate easily

GeoNode supports multiple points for application integration.
Features include:

  • OGC-compliant web services
  • GeoServer REST API
  • GeoNode search and REST APIs
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Plays well with others

GeoNode is a social platform. GeoNode's foundational components make it easy to interact with other GeoNode deployments, external OGC services as well as with many other popular social services and tools.

  • Connects with other GeoNode deployments
  • Interacts with OGC-compliant SDIs
  • Integrates with other social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Jive, Telligent)
  • Integrates with other content management systems (WordPress, Drupal)
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