GeoNode 3.0 and 2.10.4 are out!

geonode and python3

This Post is gonna kick things off by summarizing the latest releases 2.10.4 and GeoNode 3.

Yeah, you understood correctly, there is a new major version out now. However, let's start at the beginning.

With the life of Python 2.7 ending in 2020 — it is a matter of course: GeoNode needing an overhaul for python 3 compatibilities.

To stick with clarity and precision, the development team has decided to give the new child a name as major version: GeoNode 3 was born!

Alongside a lot of helping hands inside our community, two major contributors took the challenge in doing the main work on the Code Base of GeoNode 3. Namly Geosolutions (Italy) and Catalyst (New Zealand). The ladder being a relatively new contributor — concerning our community, and we'd love to see more contributions!

Both releases fix several minor, major and security issues. Further GeoNode 3 brings several new features you should not miss!

Features GeoNode 3

To rule out any misunderstandings:
Whenever you see GeoNode 2.x make sure your virtual environment uses Python 2.7. In case you see a shining 3 at the end of GeoNode — you have to use Python 3.7.

For all other things which have been added, do not miss to read — the release notes for GeoNode 2.10.4 and GeoNode 3!

Last but not least in case you're planning a manual install of version 3, be sure to visit the updated docs. You can report any issues or feature requests at our Issue Tracker @ Github.

Stay healthy & happy GeoNod'ing!