GeoNode 1.1-beta2

The GeoNode team is proud to release GeoNode 1.1-beta2, the first public beta of the GeoNode 1.1 release series.  All planned features for GeoNode 1.1 are in place for this release but further work in testing, bug fixing, and documentation remains to be done before the final GeoNode 1.1 release.  This unstable release is intended to allow GeoNode users to help us identify bugs before the final release. You can download it from

New Features

New features planned for this release include:

  • Support for GeoServer 2.1, including GeoWebCache integration and direct Shapefile-to-PostGIS import from the GeoNode upload form

  • Support for GeoNetwork 2.6* speed improvements to the way GeoNode manages GeoServer configuration

  • Various UI improvments including a new user profile page listing the user's layers and maps and a "Get feature info" button on map viewers


No migration should be needed for existing sites as the database structure remains unchanged.  Note, however, that GeoServer data directories are irreversibly modified simply by being loaded in a later version of GeoServer and should be backed up before the upgrade to allow for subsequent downgrades.

If desired, GeoWebCache integration must be enabled via the GeoServer Web UI and pre-existing maps must be updated to use a WMS-C layer instead of the more general WMS layer.  Newly created maps will use the WMS-C layer by default. You can update already-extant layers using the django python shell: ` $ cd ../geonode/ $ source bin/activate (geonode) $ shell --settings=geonode.settings

from geonode.maps.models import MapLayer MapLayer.objects.filter(sourcecfg='{"ptype": "gxwmssource"}').update(sourcecfg='{"ptype": "gxpwmscsource"}')`

Known Regressions

Known regressions in this release include:

  • GeoNode-hosted layers are not properly hyperlinked on map information pages

  • GeoNetwork and GeoServer do not link back to the GeoNode layer detail page in CSW and WMS metadata

  • Layer detail pages do not work for layers which are not world-visible

For the full list of known issues, see

Posted at - June 13, 2011, 10:08 a.m.

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