GeoNode 1.0-RC3

After over two months of bugfixes and user interface tweaks, the GeoNode team is proud to present the third release candidate for GeoNode 1.0. This release improves on the user management, data upload, metadata management, GeoNetwork-powered data search, and an integrated styling and map composing tools from 1.0-beta with many bugfixes and user interface improvements.

Notable changes since RC2 include:

  • Correcting a bug in the error handling during data upload which could result in "orphaned" layer records entering the Django database without corresponding GeoServer layers configured.  Systems affected by this issue have invalid layer entries in the Django database, so administrators upgrading pre-existing deployments should use the “ cleardeadlayers” tool to automatically correct the erroneous records.

  • GeoNode now recognizes some common aliases for the "web mercator" projection used by Google Maps and other commercial tile providers, so that services which support this projection but use a different SRID for it than the OpenLayers default of "EPSG:900913" can be used in the map composer.

  • GeoNode developer and deployment documentation is now available at

You can see the full list of changes on the GeoNode Github project, or the list of closed tickets for 1.0 on the GeoNode issue tracker.

As usual, the demo site at is updated with the latest release, and the release bundle for deployment is available for download. We welcome bug reports and feature requests at, and any questions are welcome at the project mailing list (

Posted at - Nov. 9, 2010, 10 a.m.

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