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QGIS GeoNode QGIS plugin

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A QGIS plugin for working with GeoNode resources

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This is a QGIS plugin to allow working with and managing GeoNode resources in QGIS.


This plugin is available for installation via the main QGIS plugin repository. Inside QGIS, navigate to Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins..., then search for QGIS GeoNode and install it


It may be necessary to restart QGIS after installing the plugin, since QGIS does not currently allow Python plugins to reload data providers dynamically

Additionally, when activated, this plugin replaces the core GeoNode provider that comes preinstaled in QGIS. If you want to get the core provider back you will need to disable this plugin and restart QGIS.


Be sure to have the Show also experimental plugins checkbox checked, the QGIS Plugin Manager Settings section.

Extra - Installing from our custom plugin repo

In addition to installing from the official QGIS plugin repository. This plugin is also available for install from our own custom plugin repo. This may ocasionally have a newer version than the one present in the official QGIS repo (the reason being that the QGIS repo is manually curated and it usually takes a while before a new version is approved by its maintainers)

It is available at:

  1. Add this custom repository inside QGIS Plugin Manager
  2. Refresh the list of available plugins
  3. Search for a plugin named QGIS GeoNode
  4. Install it!

Check the Development section for a more developer oriented installation procedure


This plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3