GeoNode since 1.0

GeoNode's been evolving since the last 1.0 release through the contributions of a widening variety of partners.

The development team is very close to releasing GeoNode 1.0.1, which includes workflow improvements around data upload and management funded by UNISDR. It also will have a number of bug fixes. We will summarize these changes in the upcoming release announcement but for now you can see our progress on the GeoNode issue tracker.

Meanwhile, we have been developing more substantial features in preparation for another release later on. These include support for uploading large batches of data at once (as opposed to the currently supported single layer upload) and the integration of GeoWebCache, which will greatly accelerate map loading.

In addition, AIFDR has been leading development of applications that use GeoNode as a platform. Most notable of these is Risiko, formerly Risk-in-a-Box, a risk modeling application which they are developing in partnership with GFDRR Labs and OpenGeo.

As GeoNode improves, we hope it will be attractive to a widening number of organizations and users. If you're interested in getting involved, try the demo, check the docs and install it yourself, and join the mailing list. We'll be glad to hear from you.

Posted at - March 30, 2011, 6:13 p.m.

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